After almost a week of reactions to Chrysler Group’s Super Bowl commercial, the purest, most heart-felt reaction is still the very first, from a room full of unsuspecting Chrysler Group dealers in Las Vegas.

Just hours before kickoff of Super Bowl XLVI, CEO Sergio Marchionne surprised the packed room of Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram Truck and FIAT dealers by taking the podium to open the private franchise meeting. He wanted to personally greet the dealers, thank them for their hard work, and give them a preview of Chrysler Group’s Super Bowl commercial, “It’s Halftime in America.”

“I felt that you, our dealers, who are a fundamental part of our group and key to our success, deserved this video more than anyone,” Marchionne told the dealers.

They quietly watched the video, hanging on Clint Eastwood’s every word. When the two-minute commercial ended, their reaction was immediate. A standing ovation -- as you can see below:

There were no cries of political manipulation. But some tears were shed. There were no complaints. Just nods of understanding and approval, and lots of smiles.

With Clint’s words still ringing in their ears – “Yeah, it’s halftime in America, and our second half is about to begin” – Marchionne concluded by simply stating: “Nothing more needs to be said.”

That lump some felt in their throat was genuine. Just ask Chuck Eddy, a member of Chrysler Group’s National Dealer Council. He had the difficult task of starting the business portion of the franchise meeting, his voice quivering with emotion as he spoke of dealers who have put their blood, sweat, and tears into the company.

These were dealers that have been through it all – changes in company ownership, the recession, the bankruptcy, and the recovery. Their commitment to the company was clearly felt.

“This one was very, very emotional for me,” David Kelleher, president of the Chrysler Group National Dealer Council, said after the franchise meeting. “It was emotional for the people around me. I saw a lot of tears. Now we’re ready to move on to the next chapter. We’re only half way there.”

So let the political debate rage on. The Chrysler Group dealers get it. Their second half has begun and they are ready.

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