While auto industry analysts and experts talked about a June auto sales rebound in the U.S. last week, Chrysler Group just kept on growing. (We never had a "bound" in May to rebound from.)


If you look at U.S. June sales across the industry, you'll see that small car sales and the broad segment I like to call vehicles that move people and things (SUVs, trucks) lead the way.


Drivers are rightfully concerned about getting more mpg -- but we still have families that need to be comfortable, and we have luggage, gear, tools and other stuff we have to move from Point A to Point B (and back to Point A).


Across the board, small cars saw a 15.3% increase. At Chrysler Group, we were part of that as FIAT USA saw its best month in its still reborn life in North Amercia with 1,803 Fiat 500s sold (up a bit from 1,759 in May).


Even in the total car segment, the industry was up 5.5%, and Chrysler and Dodge brands were up at 5%, with the 2011 Chrysler 200 continuing to be a strong point. Last month, 7,219 200s were sold, up 81% from the Chrysler Sebring sales in June 2010.


But, its in the larger vehicle segments where Chrysler Group continues to excel -- enabling people to transport their families and their stuff.


For example:

  • Ram Pickup Trucks: 21,362 in June; up 35%
  • Jeep® Compass: 4,763 sold, up 278%
  • Jeep Patriot: 5,840 sold, up 77%
  • Jeep Wrangler: 11,290 sold -- #2 for the entire company; up 27%
  • Jeep Liberty: 5,252 sold, up 36%
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee: 8,969 sold; up 208%
  • Dodge Durango: 5,827 sold
  • Dodge Journey: 4,621 sold; up 17%


Even the good ol' minivan -- our Dodge Grand Caravan was the company's #3 seller with 10,822 sold. That's up 25%. Though, its sister, the Chrysler Town & Country dipped 29% from June 2010 to 6,810 sold.



As in the U.S., Chrysler Canada saw similar sales trends: Our larger vehicles saw huge growth in June. In fact, in Canada, it's been nearly two years since we haven't seen growth as June was the 19th consecutive month of growth with total sales of 23,576 -- up 27% from June 2010.


June sales records were set by:

  • Ram Pickup:  6,156 sold, up 26%
  • Dodge Grand Caravan: 5,553 sold, up 14%
  • Dodge Journey: 2,134 sold, up 34%
  • Chrysler Town & Country: 652 sold, up 45%


And, Jeep Brand once again saw huge sales gains, lead by:

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee: 889 sold, up 420%
  • Jeep Compass: 813 sold, up 79%
  • Jeep Liberty: 223 sold, up 72%
  • Jeep Wrangler: 2,116 sold, up 71%