Editor's Note: At Chrysler Group, we put our interns to work. Recently, Mia Morandi, one of the summer interns within Chrysler Group PR, helped the FIAT North America communications team during a media event in Miami. We asked her for a write up on the experience and below is her report.

A media ride and drive was the last thing that came to mind when I heard I would be attending “Topless in Miami.” Needless to say, the board of the Southern Automotive Media Association (SAMA) is proud of its attention grabbing title. And it should be.

This year was the 2nd annual Topless in Miami convertible ride and drive event. The organizers of SAMA attracted more than 60 automotive journalists to drive 17 new convertibles from 14 different manufacturers. Hosted at Key Biscayne Ritz-Carlton in mid June, drivers test the vehicles along the seven-mile road that cuts through the Key. Drivers then rank each of the vehicles so that at the end of the day, the winners for each category can be announced.

I was excited to be attending my first automotive event as part of the team representing the Fiat 500c by Gucci, which competed in the Small Convertible category. Everyone at SAMA welcomed you with open arms. For all anyone knew, it was a group of friends taking photos while they jumped from one spectacular vehicle to the next.

The Fiat 500 by Gucci was noticeably one of the smallest vehicles present but it didn’t fail to leave one of the biggest impressions. One of the journalists even confessed to me under her breath that she had driven the Gucci three times that day. I cannot remember anyone leaving that vehicle without an enormous smile on their face.

The Cinquecento makes itself unforgettable. It has a catchy interior (right) with green/red/green stripped accents on the two-toned seats as well as the seatbelt. The exterior is comprised of interlocking "GG" hubcaps, classic green/red/green stripe running on the retractable cloth top of the car, and a simple cursive chrome “Gucci” signature to complete this Fiat’s classic look. It offers all the elegance of high fashion without exaggerations making this car quite practical.

I could go on about the chic design of the vehicle, what a fun drive it is and how even a tomboy like me can fall in love with it but I’ll let the opinion of the SAMA speak for itself.

After swimming in the ocean, writing a press release or just relaxing, Topless in Miami attendees reunited for dinner and anxiously awaited the results of the day. Tension broke when the Fiat 500c by Gucci was awarded the “Small Convertible of the Year” by SAMA and was even a contender for “Convertible of the Year Award.” Along with the other winning vehicles, the 500c by Gucci will have a reserved spot at the Miami Car Show, with its SAMA award alongside.

Topless in Miami is a phenomenal event where both work and play coexist harmoniously. SAMA should be proud of its efforts. Though a relatively small event, Topless in Miami is making waves, just like the Fiat 500c.